The Atlantic stirs up

TARA position: N 44°00′, W 016°42
FS METEOR position:
N 53°30′, W 012°42′

Time: 02:00 GMT
by Ivo Grigorov, EURO-BASIN Project Office

Tara in 40 knot winds

40 knot winds hit TARA`s position, 300 n.miles west of Galicia, Spain, as FS METEOR steams north towards Deep Convection sampling station.

As FS METEOR leaves the position of the TARA320 nautical miles west of Galicia, Spain, and head north towards the sampling area, TARA hits 40-50 knots winds. The low atmospheric depression was not only expected, but wished for.

TARA is currently wrapping up her last station of the 2.5 yrs TARA OCEANS Expedition before entering the port of Lorient, France, on 31 March.

The strong winds are likely to stir up the surface ocean, and provide good conditions for the sought after deep convection of surface ocean waters. Both TARA and FS METEOR missions are to witness what happens to the metabolism of phytoplankton as it is entrained into depths where there is less light, but more nutrients.

It seems at least TARA will get the desired (scientifically speaking at least) rough weather, which may provide the researchers their desired large scale open ocean experiment, but makes life aboard a little bit less comfortable.

TARA Oceans Station No153 is said to remain well known in TARA annals. If the rough weather stirs as wished and the experiment goes as planned, FS METEOR “Deep Convection” annals are likely to make a good note of it too.

© Vincent Hilaire, TARA © Vincent Hilaire, TARA © Vincent Hilaire, TARA
A video tour of the life aboard the TARA ©TARA Oceans The Plastic Continent ©TARA Oceans

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