Back on track

Latitude: 60°42′ N
Longitude: 000°30′ E
Wave height: 1 m
Air Temp.: 2.1° C
Water Temp.: 8.4° C
by Chris Lindemann onboard the FS METEOR for Leg II

After a successful first leg we arrived in Torshavn (Faroe Islands) early morning on last thursday (5 April). Most of us invaded the town right way, eager to set their feed on land and to interact with civilization outside our tiny microcosm universe.

Full crew party for Deep Convection Leg I. See Crew page for details.

In the evening, a birthday party for one of our colleagues in the ship`s bar was also the farewell party for the leaving scientist and a welcome party for those arriving.

FS METEOR at Torshavn, Faroe Islands picking up members for Leg II of 'Deep Convection'. ©C.Lindemann

The next day, the good weather tempted some of us to go for a hike while others stayed in town recharging their batteries and enjoying the local culinary delights, mainly lamb, whale, smoked seabirds and certain roots (the only vegetable that grows here).

Last saturday we sailed for the second leg, curious what secrets the ocean would hold for us this time.

Thank you to all that helped us on Leg I, and a big welcome to the newly arrived.


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