“Down to the Twilight” continues with North Atlantic research

Another busy season of North Atlantic ecosystem research is in full swing with two large European ocean vessels currently blogging while at sea.

UK’s RRS James Cook has just sailed to the Porcupine Abyssal Plain to study the twilight zone and Marine Snow (follow the twitter #hashtag #MarineSnow for updates). The crew and scientific party will be at sea 20 days, and will interact with the UK research program OSMOSE, deploying sea gliders in the same research area. Christian Lindemann and Antony Birchill will post regular updates on the “Down to the Twilight” blog.

At the same time, the Norwegian G.O.Sars is nearing completion of surveys between Norway and Greenland in iceberg ridden waters (follow blog and videocasts in norwegian and on the G.O. Sars’ Facebook page).

Both cruises are in support of the EURO-BASIN Cruise Campaigns 2012-2013 (full calendar).

EURO-BASIN Cruise Campaign Calendar 2013

EURO-BASIN Cruise Campaign Calendar 2013