Working area of the EURO-BASIN “Deep Convection” cruise (check FS METEOR`s current position). Sea Surface Temperature (SST) is 7-day average and updated every day, as provided by NEODAAS/PML Remote Sensing Group/NERC.

Leg I
19 Mar 2012:
Departure from Lisbon (Portugal)
19 Mar – 24 Mar
: Transit to working area
24 Mar – 02 Apr
: Faeroes – Shetlands: station work and process studies
02 Apr – 04 Apr:
Transit to Torshavn, Faeroe Islands
05 Apr – 07 Apr:
Crew rotation in Torshavn, Faeroe Islands

Leg II
07 Apr – 07 Apr:
Return to working area
07 Apr – 28 Apr
: Faeroes- Shetlands: station work and process studies
29 Apr – 01 May:
Transit to Reykjavik, Iceland
02 May
: Arrival in Port, Reykjavik, Iceland

Help us get youngsters involved …
For aspiring explorers, National Geographic MapMaker Interactive provides an online map making tool to follow any ocean-going expedition.

How about building your own FS METEOR Expedition map by following the blog, enrich your map with the sampling stations positions, bad weather and superimpose them on sea surface temperature or chlorophyll ‘a’ layers, and comparing them with the daily satelite maps posted on the blog.

You can even print and place on you wall. Here is an example that tool 5 minutes to make.


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