A blooming ocean

Latitude: 61°30′ N
Longitude: 011°00′ W
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Waveheight: 2.5 meters
by Mario Esposito onboard the FS METEOR

The reason we measure dissolved nutrients is because, together with light, they are the key ingredients for a blooming ocean. And a blooming ocean absorbs vasts amounts of carbon.

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Flying through microspace

Latitude:  61°06′ N
Longitude:  001°06′ W
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Air Temp.: 3.3° C
Water Temp.: 8.1° C
by Klas Moeller onboard the FS METEOR for Leg II

The Video Plankton Recorder (VPR) is non-destructive modern, optical sampling gear. Imagine flying a sophisticated underwater microscope through the water at night. The VPR`s rapid camera images plankton and suspended particles (the base of the food web) at up to 30 frames per second.

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Last minute preparations

Welcome to the Deep Convection Cruise Blog!

As you read this message, final preparations are under way on the FS METEOR before sailing to the North East Atlantic, on Monday, 19th March at 8am.

FS Meteor in the port of Lisbon, just hours before departure.

For the duration of the 6 weeks cruise we will regularly keep you informed of life aboard and the context of the research done aboard.

We have just been contacted by the TARA Sailing Vessel on its “TARA Oceans” expedition across the North Atlanitc, and the two research vessels will coordinate efforts where possible on studying the onset of the spring phytoplankton bloom.

We look forward to an exciting cruise, and hope you will join us regularly.

From the blog editors
Linda Holste, aboard the FS METEOR &
Ivo Grigorov, from the EURO-BASIN Project Office

TARA Oceans