Become a Marine Scientist …

From your own bedroom or classroom …
MapMaker InteractiveHow about building your own FS METEOR Expedition map with National Geographic MapMaker Interactive? You can follow the blog, enrich your map with the sampling stations positions, bad weather and superimpose them on sea surface temperature or chlorophyll ‘a’ layers. You can even prind and place on you wall. Here is an example that tool 5 minutes to make.

Not enough? Why not contact the METEOR …
School classes can put their questions to the research vessel. Just ask you science teacher to organise the class questions and get in touch with the blog editors.

Still not enough? You want to go to sea for real?
How about pursuing a Master Degree in Marine Science …

… in Denmark: DTU Aqua
… in Germany: University of Hamburg or Alfred Wegener Institute.
… in UK: National Oceanography Center

We have asked three of the DTU Aqua master students, who started their MSc-studies in September 2011, what they think of the MSc program and studying in Denmark.
See their video testemonials.

Nicolas Schnedler-Meyer, Denmark
24 years
Educational background:
BSc in Biology, University of Copenhagen, Denmark
“We have a great international environment and opportunities to go out into nature to do fieldwork in exciting places”

Hera Sengers, Holland
47 years
Educational background:
BSc in Biology, University of Aberdeen, Scotland.
“I wanted courses in modelling and hard sciences – and to be in a vibrant research environment again”

Dionysis Krekoukiotis, Greece

Age: 29
Educational background: Diploma (BSc and MSc) in engineering, University of Athens“The mix of engineering and biology is very promising. The weather here can be an obstacle though… but you get by ;-)”


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