Educators & Press

For Educators …
The “Deep Convection” Cruise Blog will refer to Ocean Literacy Principles as a means of linking marine research to the official curriculum structure, and facilitate marine educators and science teachers. What are Ocean Literacy Principles? Watch the video below, or walk through the principles by age group:


The blog is also structured so that school classes can build their own wall-size printable maps of the Expedition using National Geographic`s MapMaker Interactive.

Marine educator who would like to benefit from contact with the research vessel during this cruise (see schedule) or future expeditions in the EURO-BASIN Cruise Programme 2012/2013, can contact the blog editors.

For Press …
Research Scientists aboard the FS METEOR can be contacted for the duration of the cruise (schedule) via email, or through the blog editors.

Linda Holste, aboard the FS METEOR
Institut für Meereskunde Universität Hamburg

Ivo Grigorov
EURO-BASIN Project Office
+45 21 31 63 74



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