Many thanks to all who contributed in large or small part!

Banner Images: photographer Holger von Neuhoff
(from the book ’25 Jahre FS METEOR’, Hauschildt-Verlag, Bremen),
Niels Jacobi for the beautiful aquarel drawings,
Klas Ove Moeller (Un. Hamburg) for the VPR plankton images, and
Mike Blackett (SAHFOS) for the jellyfish images.

Thank you to Raquel Alegre, Benjamin Taylor, Jorge de Jesus, Malcom Taberner, Emil Yosifiv at NEODAAS/PML/NERC for supplying the expedition with daily satellite imagery (even late on weekends);

thanks are also due to Annette Decharon from the COSEE-East, Center for Ocean Science Excellence and Education, at University of Maine, for advising on how to best integrate Ocean Literacy Principles;

… and all the contributors, scientists and supporting crew onboard the FS METEOR ‘Deep Convection’ expedition for making it happen, and finding the time
to tell us about life at sea.


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