Surface Blooms as convection goes strong

Latitude: 62°48′
Longitude: 003°12′
Wave height: 2.5m
Air Temp.: 3.1° C
Water Temp.: 6.3° C
by Ivo Grigorov, EURO-BASIN Project Office

Chlorophyll a satellite imagery around the sampling trinagle of the 'Deep Convection' sites. ©NEODAAS/PML/NERC

Following a short stop at Torshavn (Faroe Islands) last weekend for a crew swap, the FS METEOR is back in the sampling area in occassional heavy seas.

Due to a problem, 24hrs were lost from the schedule, but the team is now trying to catch up. Seniour scientist aboard, Michael St John, mentions that the surface has not yet stratified, but FS METEOR is sailing in surface bloom conditions.

“Convection is still spinning out here. Amazing!!” Continue reading