MOCNESS ‘monster’ released over the stern

Latitude: 62°48′ N
Longitude: 002°30′ W
by Anneke Denda, onboard FS METEOR


Zooplankton drift passively with the currents, and although most are less than 2 cm in size, their grazing on marine algae transfers significant amounts of carbon away from the surface, and contact with the atmosphere.

MOCNESS samples

What lives at what depth? MOCNESS zooplankton samples, down with depth (left to right)
©Anneke Denda

On this cruise we are aiming to pinpoint at what depth zooplankton concentrate, while waiting for the spring bloom to occur.

Our tool of choice is a Double-MOCNESS (Multiple Opening and Closing Net and Environmental Sensing System): a net system with 2 x 9 nets of 333 μm mesh size and a net mouth opening of 1m2.

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